DISTRICT MINUTES October 19, 2021

DISTRICT MINUTES October 19, 2021


October 19, 2021

The meeting  called to order at 19:00 Hrs. 

Attending: D.Considine, Art Morrell, John Shipe, Steve Shuler, Ryan Wilsey, Secretary J. McGinnis, Treasurer H. Baumer, Counsel W.Fletcher  Asst.Chief D. Friedlander,  L.Marchese, M.Arman

Absent: Chief P.Kester

Budget Vote:

-A. Morrell made a motion to open the meeting for a budget vote, 2nd by S.Shuler.  Motion approved unanimously 5-0.  Commissioner Morrell asked for any public comment regarding the proposed 2022 budget. There was none.

-In the absence of any public comment Commissioner Shuler made a motion to approve the proposed 2022 budget, 2nd by D. Considine. The motion was approved unanimously 5-0.

-A.Morrell made a motion to close the budget approval meeting, 2nd by J.Shipe. Motion approved unanimously 5-0.  

Public Comment

-2 potential new members were introduced to the board: Brian Schmidt and John Eshenfelder.

-A.Torrey presented interest in applying for a FEMA grant to pay for new laundry equipment. He needs help from the District and the Line completing this application. The Board and Asst. Chief Friedlander, speaking for the Line, agreed to help with this. Mr. Torrey needs required information by 12/20/2021.

Calendar & Requests for Meeting Room:

-Three requests: Cub scouts, New York Ski Racing Assoc., Mendon Conservation league. (The dates are noted on the calendar). S.Shuler made a motion to approve the three requests, 2nd by A.Morrell.  Motion approved unanimously 5-0.


-The secretary announced a change in New York State Law that allows future Budget Approval Meetings to be held on any day of the third week of October.

-The secretary reminded the Board that the next District meeting will be on Thursday, Nov. 18, 2021 @ 7:00pm.

Board of Directors’ Report: 

The President reported that the Board of Directors is looking at revisions/changes to several by-law items.

The annual meeting will begin with cocktails at 6:30pm, dinner at 7:00pm followed by the meeting at 8:00pm.

Chief’s Report

YTD Calls: 255       Damage: 0   Injury:  0

-The Chief is still out of town for work for another week.


D.Considine made a motion to approve September minutes, 2nd by S.Shuler.  Motion approved unanimously 5-0.

Treasurer’s Report:

S.Shuler made a motion that the District retain the same auditor as in the past, 2nd by A.Morrell.  Motion approved unanimously 5-0

 Capital Projects/Special Projects:  

Commissioner Schuler gave an update on his investigation into obtaining a new sign. Not ready to get into specifics yet. Ball park cost in the range of $25K.


-Commissioner Morrell reported on work being done to the white car, 364 and 367. This was the work reported on at the September meeting.

Building &  Grounds: NTR

-Dale’s Report: 

-There was a discussion that the District needs to update employee policies and procedures in various areas so as to clarify employee reporting and record keeping, especially with insurance coverage in mind.

-S.Shuler made a motion to approve Dale’s report, 2nd by A. Morrell. Motion approved unanimously 5-0


-There was a final review of LOSAP documents to ensure all Board Members were in agreement with the content. This was the case.

-S. Shuler made a motion to approve the proposition establishing the LOSAP program, 2nd by R.Wilsey. Motion approved unanimously 5-0.  *****Please Note that the signed LOSAP Proposition document needs to be Notarized. Please have it done and return to the secretary.*****

-Recruitment and Retention: NTR


-Commissioner Wilsey reported that work on the Web Site is well underway.

-S.Shuler made a motion that the maintenance contract for the copy machine be awarded to Toshiba, 2nd by J.Shipe.  Motion approved unanimously 5-0.

    Old Business: 

-Commissioner Shipe gave a packet of information pertaining to the cell 

tower to Mr. Fletcher to review, comment on, and bring back for 

discussion/decision at the next meeting.

 New Business

-Snow Plowing Bids must be added to the agenda of the next meeting.

-Commissioner and Chairman A. Morrell made a public statement that: “For the record, The Board of Fire Commissioners of the Mendon Fire District is an apolitical organization.”

-The following hard copy items are attached to the District hard copy of the minutes:  

1) Dale’s Report

2) Treasurer’s Report

3) 9/13/21 Cell Tower correspondence.

Adjournment: A motion to adjourn was made by S.Shuler, 2nd A.Morrell,

 motion approved unanimously 5-0, meeting adjourned at 20:23 hrs.

Respectfully Submitted,

John M. McGinnis


Mendon Fire District

*The intent of public comment time is to allow a non-commission member to comment on any topic. The commenter may not receive an answer to their question or a response to their comment, as the board may need to research a subject or confer with counsel on the topic prior to giving a response.  The time allotted for each person commenting is limited to three (3) minutes.