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DISTRICT MINUTES November 23, 2021


November 23, 2021

The meeting  called to order at 19:00 Hrs. 

Attending:  Art Morrell, John Shipe, Steve Shuler, Ryan Wilsey, Secretary J. McGinnis, Treasurer H. Baumer, Counsel W.Fletcher,  L.Marchese, M.Arman

Absent: Dan Considine, Chief P.Kester

Public Comment: NTR

Calendar & Requests for Meeting Room: NTR

Correspondence: NTR

Board of Directors’ Report: 

The President Marchese questioned why the LOSAP specifications are in the Department by-laws and not the district rules and regulations. After discussion the district felt that this was essentially a state driven issue since the Chief can have certain LOSAP requirements that the district cannot.

Questions were raised about having an open bar such as when, who can authorize etc. It was reiterated that the president or chief can open the bar and the bar needs to be tended by a non-drinking bartender. The president stated that board member Tim Baumer is putting together a plan for the bar.

J.Shipe made a motion to implement an indoor masking policy effective 11/27/2021, motion 2nd by S.Shuler and approved unanimously 4-0.

Chief’s Report: No Chiefs were present, NTR.

YTD Calls: X       Damage: X   Injury: X


A.Morrell made a motion to approve the October minutes, 2nd by S.Shuler.  Motion approved unanimously 4-0.

Treasurer’s Report:

The treasurer reported that the board needs to decide what to plan for 12/21, 1/22 and 2/22 spending and what funds to defer for LOSAP (which cannot be determined until after the results of the 12/14 election are known). J.Shipe made a motion to hold a special meeting to address these budget matters on 12/21/21 at 7pm. 2nd by A.Morrell, motion approved unanimously 4-0. The secretary will publish a public notice of the meeting.

S.Shuler made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, 2nd by J.Shipe. Motion approved unanimously 4-0.

                                                                                                              Capital Projects/Special Projects:  

Commissioner Schuler will present a package for a new digital sign next month, he has three quotes and feels the cost will be approximately $28K. This will also need to be presented to the Department and the District will ask for a $10K contribution toward the cost of the sign.


-364 will be going to Niagara Falls for warranty work.

Building &  Grounds:

Need snowplow bids for 2022 and 2023.

-Dale’s Report: 

-S.Shuler made a motion to approve Dale’s report, 2nd by J. Shipe. Motion approved unanimously 4-0.

-Leadership:  NTR

-Recruitment and Retention: NTR


Toshiba is working on printer changeover, a buyout# from Xerox is needed.

Computer changeover is set.

    Old Business: 

-Attorney Fletcher is dealing with the cell tower matters.  J.Shipe made a 

motion to accept the cell tower agreement with the stipulation that 

formerly deleted items remain deleted. Motion 2nd by S.Shuler and

approved unanimously 4-0.

-A.Torrey has more questions that he needs answered to progress with 

grant work. He is also working to have our FEMA ID etc. restored 

before year end.  

 New Business

-R.Wilsey will check into CNB issues.

-The following hard copy items are attached to the district hard copy of the minutes:  

1) Dale’s Report

2) Misc. Cell Tower Correspondence

Adjournment: A motion to adjourn was made by A.Morrell, 2nd J.Shipe,

 motion approved unanimously 4-0, meeting adjourned at 20:18 hrs.

Respectfully Submitted,

John M. McGinnis


Mendon Fire District

*The intent of public comment time is to allow a non-commission member to comment on any topic. The commenter may not receive an answer to their question or a response to their comment, as the board may need to research a subject or confer with counsel on the topic prior to giving a response.  The time allotted for each person commenting is limited to three (3) minutes.