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DISTRICT MINUTES January 1, 2022



HELD JANUARY 1, 2022 AT 16:00 Hrs.

Attending: D.Considine, A.Morrell, J.Shipe, S.Shuler, R.Wilsey, J.McGinnis-Secretary, H.Baumer-Treasurer, W.Fletcher-Counsel, P.Kester, D..Ackerman, D.Friedlander

Meeting opened by Attorney William Fletcher who requested nominations for Chairman.

Chairman:  A.Morrell, Nominated by  D.Considine , 2nd by J.Shipe, vote: yes -4,0 -no, 1 Abstain- , Motion passes.

Vice-Chairman:  J.Shipe, nominated by R.Wilsey, 2nd by S.Shuler, vote: 4 -yes,   0 -no,  1- abstain, Motion passes..

Secretary (appointed), John McGinnis, Salary $6000.00/yr.; Motion to approve by  A.Morrell, 2nd by  S.Shuler, Motion approved: 5-yes,   0-no.  Motion approved unanimously.

Treasurer (appointed), Heidi Baumer, Salary $6000.00/yr.; Motion to approve by A.Morrell, 2nd by S.Shuler          Motion approved: 5-yes,   0-no. Motion approved unanimously.

District Administrator:  Full Time $31.68            per hour        

Part Time $20.60            per hour

Motion to approve by J.Shipe, 2nd by S.Shuler, Motion approved: 5 -yes,  0 -no. Motion approved unanimously.  

Attorney: Motion to reappoint William Fletcher, Fire District Attorney: Retainer $11,000.00 for standard work, extraordinary work will be assigned and compensated as agreed at the time for the issue at hand. Motion By         S.Shuler, 2nd by J.Shipe, Motion Approved:5yes, 0no, Motion approved unanimously.

Deputy Treasurer (appointed):

 S.Shuler made a motion to appoint Dale Sweet as Deputy Treasurer, 2nd by J.Shipe. Motion approved unanimously 5-0.

Memberships and Dues continue with the NYS Fire District officers Assn., NFPA, and NYS Chiefs Association, and Monroe County Fire District Officers. International Assoc. Fire Chiefs for Commissioners and the 3 Chiefs.

Official Newspaper: will be the Honeoye Falls Sentinel first and the Democrat and Chronicle as back up or if  timing is required

Insurance Agency: McNeil & Co. (Pending a review of competitive agencies at the January District Meeting).

Bank: Canandaigua National Bank

Motion to approve the above 4 items (Memberships, Newspaper, Insurance Agency Pending Review, Bank) by      

S.Shule, 2nd by J.Shipe;  Motion Approved 5-yes, 0-no, Motion approved unanimously.

It is further resolved for 2022:

2022 Chiefs: Chief: Peter Kester, 

1st Assist. Chief:  David Ackerman, 

2nd Assist. Chief:  David Friedlander,

Motion by D.Considine to approve all three chiefs for 2022, 2nd by A.Morrell, vote 5-yes, 0no, motion approved unanimously.

Reimbursement: of mileage at the current 2022 IRS rate. Currently at $ 0.58.5 cents per mile for 2022.

Appointments:  Apparatus: A.Morrell

    Buildings and Grounds: J. Shipe & S.Shuler

    Personnel: D.Considine, S.Shuler, R.Wilsey; Insurance: D.Considine, S.Shuler, J.Shipe

    Information / Technology : R.Wilsey

    Purchases: Dale Sweet

    Special Projects: S.Shuler

    Long Term Planning: D.Considine & S.Shuler

2022 Meeting Dates: to be held at the Mendon Firehouse starting time 7:00pm.

January 13

February 03

March 03                                                                                                                                                 April 07

May 05

June 02

July 07

August 04

September 01

October 06 (also the required 2020 Budget meeting).  This no longer has to be a Tuesday..

November 03 

December 13 (also election day)  This is a Tuesday.

2022 Organizational Meeting January 1, 2023 @4pm

Swearing in Ceremony January 1, 2023 @ 5:00pm.

Workshop Meetings: 6:00pm

     TBD              Rules and Regulations

     TBD              Budget Workshop 

The Inspection Dinner (Combined with MFD Annual Banquet): TBD

District Election of Commissioners, December 13, 2022 from 4pm – 9 pm 

Conferences for 2022 are designated as: (Dates uncertain due to COVID)

NYS Fire District Officers –Indianapolis; 5 Personnel total.

Fire House Expo:  1Chief, 2 Company Officers

NYSAFC: Commissioners, 2 Chiefs, 2 Company Officers

IAFC:  Commissioners, 2 Chiefs, 

IAFC – Vol / Combo Conference-Clearwater, FLCommissioners, Attorney, 2 Officers

The above require at least 1 chief to be in town during training trips.

Public Notices of the Mendon Fire District will be posted at the Mendon Town Hall, the Mendon Fire House, and on the district website.

The Board authorizes the Treasurer to pay utility charges, health insurance, credit card charges, and fuel bills without prior authorization of the board.

It Is Further Moved For 2022 That:

Resolved that the Treasurer may, with the approval of the Mendon Fire District, invest funds not needed for immediate expenditure, in certificates of deposit and other financial vehicles authorized by law, provided however, that the board must authorize any withdrawals and investments.

Resolved that the annual audit required by Town Law be scheduled by the Secretary or the Treasurer, and the results rendered to the Commissioners. Further, that the treasurer is directed to file a copy of the annual financial report to the state comptroller as required by General Municipal law, section 30.

Resolved that the District Administrator will lead the survey committee to inspect the buildings of this district with compliance of the Americans with Disability Act, Title II.

Resolved that the Board of Fire Commissioners continues with its approval of the Mendon Fire District Commissioners Rules and Regulations for the year 2022 or until reviewed by the board and updated.

Resolved that this Board of Fire Commissioners hearby directs that all employees and officers of the District submit a disclosure statement with respect to any dealings of such individuals with the district where they are employees, shareholders, directors, officers or owners, or partners and /or if there is any other conflict of interest with those of the District. 

Resolved that the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Mendon Fire District hearby approve the treasurer bond in the amount of $1.5 million

Resolved that the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Mendon Fire District hearby reappoints Dale Sweet as the District’s Administrator for the calendar year 2022 or until further ordered by this Board.

Resolved that the Mendon Fire District continues to set forth Reserve Fund accounts:

-Equipment Capital Reserve: (Note: Combines the former Capital and Truck Refurbishing Accounts)The purpose of this account is to recondition / replace apparatus and other capital equipment that is not included in the annual operating fund .

  • Building Repair:  The purpose of this account is to fund unanticipated or long term structural and building failures not normally included in the annual operating fund.

Resolved-Annual Audit: Resolved that the commissioners retain David McDonald CPA,PC to conduct the annual audit of 2021. 

Motion to approve the above resolutions by  A.Morrell, 2nd by  D.Considine, vote  5-yes, 0-no. Motion approved unanimously

Commissioner Election Cycle

Name Term ends

Dan Considine 12/31/22

Arthur Morrell 12/31/23

John Shipe 12/31/24

Steve Shuler 12/31/25

Ryan Wilsey 12/31/26

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn at 16:40, by D.Considine,  second:  J.Shipe. Vote5Yes, 0-No. Motion approved unanimously.

 Respectfully Submitted

John M. McGinnis


Mendon Fire District