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DISTRICT MINUTES August 13, 2020

August 13, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 19:06 Hrs.

Attending: Dan Considine, Art Morrell, John Shipe, Steve Shuler, Ryan Wilsey, Secretary John McGinnis, Treasurer Heidi Baumer, Counsel William Fletcher, P.Kester, D.Ackerman, L.Marchese

Public Comment: New member Ajoe Denke was introduced to the Board, welcome.

Calendar & Requests for Meeting Room: P.Kester request for 9/16/20, 18:00-21:00 for executive chiefs’ dinner meeting. A.Morrell made motion to approve this request, 2nd by R.Wilsey. Approved Unanimously 5-0.

Correspondence: -None

Board of Directors: President reported that the Department was considering a donation of a gear washer and dryer to the district and wanted to know if the the District thought this was doable and appropriate. The District is in favor of this idea if no grants come through for this equipment.
-There will be a clambake this fall.
-Status of the banquet is uncertain at this time.
-President reported that a quote has been received from Proctor Enterprises for redoing the pavilion roof.

Chief’s Report:
-YTD Calls: 133 Damage: 367&365 (Lights) Injury: 1-G.Francesco
-M.Parker, A.Morrell on medical leave.
-J.McGinnis has requested a change of status from active to exempt/life member.
-radio issues with the county should be resolved this month.
-There will be a brush burning exercise at M.Parker’s house on 9/27/20.
-A dangerous driving incident by Honeoye Falls Medic 56 was reported to the village. No word as of yet on follow up.
-A purchase request for $172.00 for a microphone was submitted. D.Considine made a motion to approve the request, 2nd by A,Morrell. Motion approved unanimously 5-0.
-An amendment was made to the July 2020 minutes: the adjournment time should read 20:38hrs., not 18:38 hrs. as was written.
-Motion to approve July 2020 minutes as amended by R.Wilsey, 2nd by D.Considine. Motion approved unanimously 5-0.

Treasurer’s Report:
-Motion to approve the treasurer’s report by R.Wilsey, 2nd by J.Shipe; Motion approved unanimously 5-0.

Committee reports

Capital Projects/Special Projects
-A quote for painting 8 doors was received from Worboys for a cost of
$800.00. A.Morrell made a motion to approve this work being done, 2nd
by J.Shipe. Motion approved unanimously 5-0.
-Spending to date on the generator project was reported by J.Shipe to be
-A,Morrell requested an answer to the insurance questions he raised
during last month’s meeting. No answers yet, D.Considine will address
this issue.

-The tucks have been inspected and misc. maintenance services

Building Grounds:

Information and Technology
-R.Wilsey reported there should be no problem with ID cards for the
-R.Wilsey is working on getting firm quotes for key fobs and key cards.
He will have more information next month. He is also looking into
Internet/phone upgrades with Spectrum and other sources.

-Dale’s Report: R.Wilsey made a motion to approve Dale’s report, 2nd
by S.Shuler. Motion approved unanimously 5-0.

-Leadership: D.Considine will have more information next month.

-Recruitment and Retention: One new member.

Old Business: A motion was made by J.Shipe, 2nd by S.Shuler, to allow the Mendon Fire Department Explorers to resume Fire Dept. related activities following NYS and CDC COVID-19 guidelines and protocols. Motion approved unanimously 5-0.

New Business: S.Shuler made a motion to allow the use of absentee ballots for the December 8, 2020 District election; 2nd by J.Shipe. Motion approved unanimously 5-0.

-The following hard copy items are attached to the District hard copy of the minutes:
1)Dale’s Report
2)Treasurer’s Report

Adjournment: A motion to adjourn was made by R.Wilsey, 2nd by D.Considine
Motion approved unanimously 5-0, meeting adjourned at 20:13 hrs.

Respectfully Submitted,
John M. McGinnis
Mendon Fire District

*The intent of public comment time is to allow a non-commission member to comment on any topic. The commenter may not receive an answer to their question or a response to their comment, as the board may need to research a subject or confer with counsel on the topic prior to giving a response. The time allotted for each person commenting is limited to three (3) minutes.