March 14, 2019

Chairman R. Wilsey called the meeting to order at 19:00 Hrs.

Attending: Art Morrell, John Shipe, Steven Shuler, Ryan Wilsey, Secretary John McGinnis, Treasurer Heidi Baumer, Peter Kester, David Ackerman, J.Rosenshein

Absent: Dan Considine, William Fletcher

Public Comment:
-No public comment.

Calendar and Request for Meeting Room:
-4/7/2019 Diane Hagreen/Mendon Community Nursery School; 4pm-7pm. Motion to approve by S.Shuler, 2nd by R.Wilsey. Approved Unanimously,
-4/13/2019 Ruth Buys 12noon-4:30pm for a birthday party. Motion to approve by S.Shuler, 2nd by R.Wilsey. Approved unanimously.
-5/31/2019 Kathleen McGinnis/MFD Auxiliary for Chicken BarBQ activities. Motion to approve by A.Morrell, 2nd by R.Wilsey. Approved unanimously.
-6/23/2019 Patty Marchese for bridal shower 12noon-6pm. Motion to approve by S.Shuler, 2nd by R.Wilsey. Approved Unanimously.

Board of Directors:
-MFD President J.Rosenshein asked the District to allocate $4K to the Mendon Fire Department for apparel. When asked to clarify the type of apparel the district found that it was historically a purchase of the Mendon Fire Department. J.Rosenshein mentioned linking the hypothetical (or potential) SCBA bottle expense of $4400 to the apparel request and was informed by Chief Kester that the Department has spent no funds and has received no invoice pertaining to the SCBA bottles so this issue is currently wait and see. J.Rosenshein mentioned that the Department might be willing to work with the District in obtaining a new outside sign. S.Shuler said he was open to working together but suggested that Department membership buy-in be obtained first.

Chiefs Report:
-YTD Calls: 72 Apparatus Damage: Yes Injuries: -Brian Kjar on medical.
-Apparatus Damage: Minor accident involving 367 and 3C-26 on a call. Corrective action has been completed with the driver of 3C-26 and copies of Chief’s incident letter to Commissioners and corrective training are in the file of 3C-26. There are scratches on the door of 367. There is a tear in the driver’s side seat of 3617.

-Personnel: C.Wilsey has resigned, her keys need to be returned. J.Renner has resigned, J.Dunshie has also resigned and his gear needs to be returned. R. Coyle has retired.

-Radio Project: The Chief and Assistant Chief spoke at length about the county wide radio plan for 2020 and appear to have a firm understanding of the situation. The workable quote for installing and complying with the county system is $125,000.00 (good thru 5/7/2019) and includes (3)APX4500 Mobile Radios, (4)APX4500 Dual Control Mobile Radios, (30)APX4000 Portable Radios, (17)Vehicle Chargers, (14)Single Unit Chargers, (30)Remote Speaker Mics. And installation costs. A.Morrell made a motion to approve this project and the necessary permissive referendum for funding from the capital equipment account, 2nd by J.Shipe. Motion approved 4-0. The secretary will publish the permissive referendum.

-J.Shipe made a motion to approve past minutes, 2nd by S.Shuler. Motion approved 4-0.

Treasurers Report:
-R.Wilsey will investigate the price of the on-line version of Quick Books.
-There was agreement among the commissioners to consolidate budget line items to a more workable number.
-S.Shuler made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, 2nd by J.Shipe. Motion approved 4-0.

-Nothing to report.

Committee reports
Building & Grounds:
-Dale is ordering a fan. Other kitchen work is pending.
-Window well holes have been filled.
-S.Shuler made a motion to approve $2200.00 for tree and brush removal by Timbertop Tree & Landscape, 2nd by J.Shipe. Motion approved 4-0

-J.Shipe made a motion to purchase a back-up camera for 3C-26 (<$200.00), 2nd by A.Morrell. Motion approved 4-0. A.Morrell will install.

-A.Morrell made a motion to do repairs to 367, estimated at $934.25, 2nd by R.Wilsey. Motion approved 4-0
-A.Morrell will get the lettering redone on 367.
-364 repair work is proceeding under direction of A.Morrell. Repairs will be done in Buffalo and may take 2 weeks give or take.

Information and Technology

-Dales Report: R.Wilsey made a motion to approve Dale’s report, 2nd by
S.Shuler. Motion approved 4-0.
-Leadership & Personnel: Need to update insurance records in light of
Recent personnel changes/resignations.
-Health and Wellness: Exercise/Workout area close to completion.

Capital Projects/Special Projects:
-J.Shipe made a motion to purchase 34 rubber floor mats for exercise area for $1500.00, 2nd. by S.Shuler, motion approved 4-0.

Old Business: NTR

New Business:
-A.Morrell would like a list of approved apparatus vendors, or in absence of such a list would like to construct one.
-R.Wilsey will investigate and implement the switch of District credit cards from PFCU to CNB.
-R.Wilsey will draft a credit card policy.
-The board recognized the need to develop a policy of mutual aid and the role of part-time employees and the district administrator.
-R.Wilsey will get the District Administrator into the McNeil Training Program.

-The following hard copy items are attached to the District hard copy of the minutes:
1)Dale’s Report
2)Purchase Request Tracking form.
3)March 2019 Budget Update.
4)Chief’s 3/11/2019 letter to Commission concerning 3C-26 accident.
5)Radio Plan 2020 Spread Sheet

6)Monroe County Public Safety letter of 3/1/2019 concerning radio plan.

Adjournment: A motion to adjourn was made by R.Wilsey, 2nd by A.Morrell at 20:25 Hrs. Approved Unanimously 4-0, meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
John M. McGinnis
Mendon Fire District

*The intent of public comment time is to allow a non-commission member to comment on any topic. The commenter may not receive an answer to their question or a response to their comment, as the board may need to research a subject or confer with counsel on the topic prior to giving a response. The time allotted for each person commenting is limited to three (3) minutes.